Chris Bruels

Trager® Somatic Body Therapy

Chris Bruels focuses on helping you live more comfortably:

  • Bringing peacefulness when you are stressed,
  • Improving coordination and alignment when you have injuries, balance concerns or ineffective posture
  • Demonstrating respect of your body to help strengthen your body/mind connection and self-esteem.


Chris Bruels is the only Trager® Practitioner fully trained and certified with Trager Canada on North Vancouver Island.

In addition to her work with individual clients, Chris Bruels teaches Self-Directed Trager classes and Introductory Trager Workshops in the Comox Valley.  She supports Trager students and other Trager practitioners through assessment and feedback tutorials.  With over 30 years of specializing in this somatic body therapy, Chris has entered the Trager Instructor Training Program, beginning to teach Level 1 Trager trainings in BC and Alberta.

Chris Bruels embodies respect through her compassionate listening, to words and body tissues, and finding the quality of contact and movement that fully supports her client’s wellbeing.

Contact Chris Bruels directly for more information and to book appointments