Jessie Turner

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor | RTC

Life is immense. The range of experiences we encounter— the trials that we endure— are both collective and personal. While some of what touches us will inspire and empower, other things will block and hinder.  Finding our way through difficult times often requires us to forge a new and unfamiliar path; to cultivate our capacity to meet the unknown with curiosity, creativity, and compassion.

Somatic therapy is a style of counselling that skillfully integrates body awareness, neuroscience, attachment theory, and an understanding of the nervous system to support growth and change. Compatible with any life issue or challenge, the strength of somatic therapy lies in its ability to access information, insight, perspective, and healing directly from the body; to contact the wisdom and awareness that is often hidden from the conscious mind.  It is an approach that creates change as a felt experience rather than just a cognitive one. This allows for embodied learning, which in turn, encourages a greater potential for sustainable change and stability.

Jessie approaches the therapeutic relationship as one that is both creative and collaborative. She strives to understand her client’s worldview, learning style, and strengths to better support their process. Receptive and attuned, she naturally encourages safety and trust so that new ideas and ways of being can be explored. In addition to being a certified counsellor, Jessie is also a shamanic practitioner. For clients who request an integrative session, Jessie thoughtfully weaves shamanic practices and tools with somatic therapy, as a way to deepen and fortify her client’s inner experience. Acknowledging the dynamic needs of each person, Jessie supports individuals looking for simple, everyday tools to regulate the nervous system, as well as those who are seeking greater depth in their self-inquiry and healing or need grounded support in times of upheaval and uncertainty.