Ki Speer

Adult, Child, and Family Therapist | Direct Neurofeedback MSW, RSW

Imagine a world where you could feel comfortable in your own skin, more at ease in your mind, and confident to be your full self. What if you could find more energy to do the things you love and to connect more fully with your partner and family?  
Hi, my name is Ki Speer (pronounced “Kai”), and my goal is to help you rediscover this world of wholeness, self-assurance, and deep connection.  
With a passion for community-centred healing, a penchant for creative solutions, and a taste for nerdy science stuff, I am eager to bring my unique experience and enthusiasm to the CV community. I am a clinically trained Registered Social Worker, specializing in progressive, collaborative, attachment-oriented approaches to therapy tailored to you, my client. Healing responses to trauma and illness is the heart of my work. I am here to support you, your partner, and your family as you navigate the challenges that come with being a human being on this planet.   
I meet you where you are.
While I am here to offer insight and suggestions, my aim is to facilitate your own personal process as you set the course toward achieving your goals. Rather than prescribe a step-by-step formula, I work with you to co-create a roadmap that is specific to you and your needs, offering tools and support along the way.  
A wholeful approach. 
I work from an understanding that humans have fully interconnected systems: mind, body, and spirit. Using current evidence-based approaches, such as Direct Neurofeedback, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Synergetic Play Therapy, I work with you to bridge these systems as you find deeper healing, greater emotional awareness, and an increased ability to connect. From here, day-to-day living gets easier to manage and enjoy as you gain mastery over yourself. No matter your age, self-mastery is possible.  
This same approach helps kids too!
I am clinically trained to work with clients of all ages and I absolutely love to work with children and youth! As a Certified Synergetic Play TherapistTM, I meet my young clients were they’re at and provide in-the-moment guidance to help them learn how to process their emotions, manage anxiety, and solve life’s challenges.
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