Roberta Meilleur

Roberta Meilleur

Bodytalk Whole Healthcare | CBP, Par.BP

In 2004, after 30 years of teaching and authoring a book on natural movement, dance and body awareness, Roberta Meilleur trained and certified in BodyTalk, adding an ever-growing depth to her knowledge of the body’s wisdom and its ability to self-heal.  She continues to train at the post-graduate level to offer leading-edge healthcare that allows people to heal, grow and evolve, freeing them from limiting issues and beliefs so they can align with who they truly are.  She has practiced BodyTalk for over fourteen years in the Comox Valley and continues to be amazed by each unique healing session she’s privileged to facilitate.

About BodyTalk
BodyTalk is a quantum science-based, wholistic healthcare system that allows the client’s innate body wisdom to direct its own healing.  Each BodyTalk session is a personalized adventure into the causal factors of stress, dis-ease and negative patterns, initiating healing at all levels.  Balance and well-being are the results.

Free Presentations
Roberta offers regular free presentations to introduce people to the ways, means and benefits of BodyTalk, at the clinic or when requested for groups of 5 or more.

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Phone: 250-334-0963