Sara Turner

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor | RTC

Sara believes in people’s innate capacity to heal. Drawn to this work through witnessing powerful transformation in herself and others, she meets clients with curiosity, patience, and kindness.

In addition to completing her training in Relational Somatic Psychotherapy and obtaining her registration as a therapeutic counsellor (registration # 2386), Sara has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hakomi Therapy, mediation and conflict resolution, and criminal psychology. Her practice and approach are also informed by her time spent working with teenage girls in a trauma-informed group home, empathetically coming to understand more about developmental and complex trauma.

Adept at accepting and receiving people exactly where they’re at, Sara creates a therapeutic space that prioritizes her clients’ safety, comfort, and autonomy. Drawing from trauma renegotiation work, attachment theory, and current neuroscience, Sara helps her clients to regulate their nervous system, foster insight, and promote deep and lasting integration of the healing that takes place.